Dear Colleague,

This website is for you if:

  • You work with services for children or families in any capacity or sector
  • You work with any service for adults who may also be separated parents.

The aim is to help you:

  • Meet the practical and emotional support needs of separated mothers, fathers, their children and their extended families
  • Help families move towards child-centred co-operation and away from damaging conflict
  • To retain as much post-separation support and stability as possible for children.

Separation or divorce is not a one-off event but an ongoing series of emotional and practical challenges for children and families that can last a whole childhood - and beyond. Sometimes this impacts on adult relationships and the next generation of child rearing. It is vital for children that we all understand this better and begin to make engaging with it a normal part of our work.

The “Why work with separation?” and â€śSeparation Essentials” sections are good starting points and, along with “Client Needs,” are for everyone. “Resources and Tools” includes example paperwork and tools for working directly with people. The final section â€śPlanning Services” is aimed mainly at leaders and managers.

Best wishes and success in your work,

Geoff Read

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